Founded in the city of Cali, MICHÚ is a pioneer brand in Colombia dedicated to compiling the artisanal knowledge of rural and indigenous communities. Since 2002, it has been ahead of the design trends and proposes a varied portfolio of pieces characterized by its exquisite manufacturing, combining the craftsmanship and creative training of its work team, with an avant-garde aesthetic vision.

Reality and fantasy make up the silent universe composed of fibers, knowledge, customs, and techniques that turn each of its pieces into limited editions of permanent innovation, collector’s items, timeless and versatile.

Protection of the artisan cultural legacy and social development of the communities that participate in the MICHÚ world is a mission, giving life to a rebirth of origins, through direct work and fair trade.


She describes herself as a “dangerous woman with scissors” who once finds a textile or an artisan piece is determined to find out what she can convert them into, and works in it until she convinces herself that she has managed to create something interesting, different and unique.

In 2002, Emma Carvajal established the company that supports MICHÚ, the fashion brand that inherited the nickname with which she was affectionately identified in childhood (free adaptation of the French “mon petit chou”).

She has learned how to weave close relations with peasants in their villages, artisan men of the city, and indigenous people in their reservations. By dedicating her attention and commitment, the confidence that allowed them to undertake risky and innovative designs grew.

Emma Carvajal draws daily in her workshop, directs a twelve-member team for the creation of technical plans to undertake work with the artisans; supervises labor in the workshops; selects materials in her own textile warehouse; attends specialized forums, craft fairs and visits fashion boutiques. “The affection of our customers and the value they give to each piece purchased is a great reward for the entire team. We want to pay back in each new collection that loyalty they have demonstrated” she says.


MICHÚ emotionally connects biodiversity and ethnic multiplicity in each of its pieces.

Many families are involved and are part of a relationship that year after year becomes stronger, managing to evolve together personally and productively.

Recognizing, sharing and learning from the everyday life of the communities is a fundamental principle of the brand, respecting their cultural symbology, processes and technical knowledge. From this personal communion, MICHÚ undertakes the collective work of ancestral knowledge.

The juxtaposition of fibers, colors and crafts make up the soul of MICHÚ’s pieces. Each design is the result of a creative conception, originating a luxury product with cultural mix.