The product subject to warranty, for the purpose of repair, must be delivered by the customer in the store where it was purchased, and the product must be returned to the customer at the same point where the warranty was requested. MICHÚ will have a term of thirty (30) business days, after the delivery of the product, to carry out the repairs that may take place. If the purchase of the product was made through electronic commerce (www.michu.com.co, Whatsapp, or virtual stores of social networks) the customer must deliver the product through the courier company that made the delivery, and may make the claim directly through the email: comunicaciones.michu@hotmail.com or through our website: www.michu.com.co/garantías, Customer Service Line Telephone: (2) 8921713.

Scope of the guarantee:

Warranty is covered by manufacturing defects. The products manufactured and marketed by MICHÚ are handmade, manufactured with or from Leather, Fibers and Textiles. Our products are for special use, they are not designed for heavy work, contact with water, perfumes, soaps and other chemical at the time of use must be avoided. When a specific failure occurs in any product, MICHÚ is authorized to repair the product and return it to the customer.

When recurring failures occur (second warranty claim), an exchange may be made for another product, that may be the same, new, or a similar product or with the same characteristics. Once the above is exhausted, the commercial management must request approval for the return of the money at the client’s request.

Warranty Exemption: (This may include, according to your experience, other causes the you consider may arise).

  • MICHÚ is not responsible for the normal deterioration of a product or for the damages it suffers due to carelessness or misuse.
  • Changes in the color, hue and textures that are natural to the material with which the product has been made.
  • Products that have already been handled by workshops or other types of third parties, as well as damage caused by improper repairs and cleaning do not apply for warranty.

In order to make the Guarantee effective, the client must fully comply with all the conditions such as:

  • Present the product together with the invoice, if you do not have it, you can provide the buyer’s identification number.
  • Be within the warranty term, which will start counting from the moment of purchase, determined by the date of the invoice, and in cases of electronic purchases from the delivery of the product.



  • Protect the product from dyes, perfumes corrosive substances or garments such as denim that discolor and stain leather.
  • Apply a waterproofing element that protects the product from dust and water, especially from rain.
  • Avoid exposing leather to heat sources.
  • Do not use household cleaning fluids or detergents to clean leather, fibers and textiles.


  • This leather is prone to get dirty and easily greased.
  • Clean the product with a dry cloth, apply neutral shoe polish before and during use.


  • Cleaning the suede or nubuck should always be done dry. Rub with a brush in the same direction or use suede eraser to remove dirt and / or marks. Avoid contact with water or denim, as this type of leather can cause color transfer.
  • Apply frequently a waterproofing product and leather intensifier before and during use.


  • Clean with a cloth dampened with water, gently rub the dirtiest parts evenly and then clean again with another clean, dry cloth, preferably white.


  • Clean with soft bristle brush dampened with water, always in the same direction, then wipe dry white cloth.


  • Clean with a damp cloth of liquid soap, and then pass a dry white cloth, always in the same direction.